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T'as Pas une Gueule à Foie-gras
France, 2021, 53'
Nadia Bouferkas, Sidonie Hadoux
French with Turkish and English subtitles

The world capital of the textile industry until the mid-20th century, Roubaix fell apart and never got back on its feet. As it fell, the city knocked down most of its folks – workers and children – who now feed into the statistics about poverty.

“You, a foie-gras eater?” takes place here, in Roubaix, in a solidarity grocery stuck between some chimneys that don’t smoke anymore, an abandoned convent, working-class houses, and some higher residential tower blocks.

“You, a foie-gras eater?” is an invitation behind closed doors to many fifty-year-old women who, while having a rough time, manage the grocery. With open arms, they provide us with the energy that prevents them from falling down and helps them resist a dehumanizing system that doesn’t protect them anymore.
In this self-managed place which looks like an intimate backstage in a precarious theatre, they move furniture around, patch plugs up, sweep and mime their history. Without a safety net, between realism and imagination, Brigitte, Fatima, Josiane, Karima, Louisa, Monique, Nathalie, Pascale, Nella, and Lyacout tell us with humor, openly and fiercely about work, men, school, social workers …They tell their truth, complain and cry, look after each other, and stick together. They sing, laugh, dream and analyze sharply and beautifully their living conditions, free as they are within these walls that almost belong to them.Relentlessly, they contribute to the daily construction of the common good.