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Turkey, 2022, 7'
H. Işık
Turkish with English subtitles

Tanık (Witness) emerged at a time when we were waking up with new images of violence every day, and the act of recording and circulation of these images is tried to be prohibited by the state. This film tries to create a witnessing through emotions by listening to a resistance process within a university. While listening to the feelings that five queer and women students from Boğaziçi University do not share publicly not to harm the resistance, we accompany a calm but, at the same time, uneasy walk between the two campuses. That place turned into a field of violence for many people in the university. Although we see the recorded moments of physical violence intermittently, it aims to rethink the continuity of violence that we are exposed to in different forms in daily life, together with a space that has been transformed into an area of emotion.