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Taşlarla Konuşan Adam
Turkey, 2022, 32'
Bülent Boral
Turkish with English subtitles

This documentary film tells the story of an eighty years old warden working in a castle in the province of Van, Türkiye for sixty years called Mehmet Kuşman who was able to learn Urartian cuneiform script with his own effort and who is among the twenty people who can read this cuneiform and also who is the only person that can write this same cuneiform. Mehmet Kuşman is a person who learned the Urartian language of the Urartian people, which is a civilization that vanished 2500 years ago from the present day, in between the rubbles and only with his determination and own effort. Mehmet Kuşman is a person who made the stones talk. The documentary is about the challenging life struggle of Mehmet Kuşman and his process of learning the Urartian language.