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Turkey, 2021, 5'
Ekin Çuhadar
Turkish with English subtitles

The documentary is about a neighborhood grocery store that acts as a gathering space for the Roma people and provides them with access to affordable food and other basic goods. In an environment where we live without the political will that focuses on the public interest and human dignity, the Roma, who lived as if they were in a disaster before the pandemic, have found a way to survive in solidarity in their neighborhoods. In this process, grocery stores have become common places where solidarity is organized by the Roma, whose access to even the most basic needs has been restricted or even impossible. Among these places, the grocery store run by Sezgin, who is also a Roma, in the Muratlı district of Tekirdağ province, became the only source of access to affordable food and other basic goods for the Roma living in that region. In this documentary, this grocery store, which functions as a place of solidarity, and the relations between the neighborhood and the grocery store are discussed.