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Turkey, 2021, 23'
Umut Derin Eroğlan
Turkish with English subtitles

“I consider myself a human free from manhood.”
“I don’t want to be a man; I want to be myself.”

The documentary Kekre focuses on the experiences of masculinity performances positioned as “other” against the hegemonic understanding of masculinity and aims to reveal the construction of dominant masculinity performance in society.
In the documentary, distinct experiences regarding the social construction of masculinity representation are shown through seven “other” masculinity performances [Gay (Johnny), Transgender gay (Ecmel), Non-binary (Bora), Transgender heterosexual (Derin, Yaman/Maviş, Gölge), Cisgender heterosexual (Alper)] indicating various forms of masculinity, whose performance is not limited to one, and the hierarchy within different performances of masculinity and their fragility.
The documentary tackles the assigned/constructed masculine identity of those who had experienced and/or have been experiencing masculinity and its impacts on their other identities. Consequently, seeking a response to the question “Which manhood?” the documentary reveals every experience of masculinity is unique.