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Bitmemiş Cümleler
Turkey, 2022, 59'
Adar Bozbay
Turkish with English subtitles

OK, let’s start. Today, and here. Much later than light, the day, childhood. After so many words, dreams, seasons… Grand, archaic, lost words…
(Aslı Erdoğan, 1 st September 2017, istanbul)
Aslı Erdoğan, a worldwide known author, activist, and columnist has hit silent since she fled to Germany. Incomplete Sentences is a feature documentary on Erdoğan’s literature and life story that lead to a life in exile. She left Turkey after being unlawfully detained as a result of current government’s increasing pressure on writers, journalists, academics, etc. Now, in Frankfurt, she is struggling while everybody is waiting for her to write again. Aslı then goes to Germany to receive the Erich Maria Remarque Award and yet, she doesn’t return. That’s how her exile life in Frankfurt starts; which she likens to a semi-open prison. This situation gradually disrupts her health and keeps her away from writing.

“I feel like I’ve been exiled from my mother tongue, it’s very strange, like my relation to it is wounded.”

The director develops a different kind of relationship with Aslı; as a helping friend, taking care of Aslı’s house, watering her flowers, and delivering books and notes to Frankfurt, while she witnesses Aslı’s trauma firsthand. There is a lot of support for Aslı, she goes from one country to another, attending audience solidarity events, and receiving awards. The documentary will follow the steps of Aslı in different places around the world in an attempt to hear her silence.