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Germany, 2022, 107'
Lutz Pehnert
German; Turkish and English subtitles

Bettina explores one of the most exciting and unique artists’ biographies of the 20th century. Born in West Berlin in 1947, raised in East Berlin and eventually expatriated at the age of 36, Bettina Wegner has led an eventful life. A passionate Stalin admirer as a child, she grew into a hopeful teenager wanting to shape society with her songs. Bettina not only became an inspiring musician but also a resistance fighter, committed to nobody’s morals but her own. It is a story of heroism, but also of grief, devotion, ups and downs, and the futility of life. Bettina is a movie about the life of an artist whose story, which is also the story of the 20th century, speaks to us from her soul, her thoughts and her songs.