Film Talk


With Magnus Gerttten, Aliona van der Horst, Cem Kaya

Moderator: Necati Sönmez

26th of June Sunday, 15:00 – 17:00
Yapı Kredi Culture Centre

Archival footage offers filmmakers a vast range of esthetic possibilities, but it poses specific challenges as well: How can a documentary filmmaker obtain access to archives? Once the footage is available, how to filter and make use of it? How to approach archival images as references to a ‘contextual reality’ and use them in an attempt to reframe or reinterpret this reality? How to deal with copyrights, technical obstacles, and privacy issues?

In the last two decades, an increased amount of 8mm/16mm film and newsreel materials has been made available digitally. The digitization process has made archival images more accessible and this development encouraged filmmakers to make more archive-driven documentaries, a few prime examples of which will be presented in this year’s festival. 8mm or 16mm films, newsreels, war/conflict footage, family tapes, photo albums, caught-on-tape footage, found footage, surveillance camera recordings and sound recordings are increasingly becoming the raw material for creative documentaries.

In their recent films, directors and special festival guests Magnus Gertten, Aliona van der Horst and Cem Kaya all used archival footage on a large scale and in creative ways. They will share their experience with the audience and shed light on the questions mentioned above.