Panel session

Fighting Violence In A Male Dominated World

Moderator : Gülnur Elçik (Feminist activist)

Panelists:Nihal Kuyumcu (İstanbul University), Habibe Yılmaz Kayar (KAHDEM), Filiz Karahasanoğlu (Mor Çatı volunteer), Esen Özdemir (Women's Platform Against Sexual Violence), Zeynep Özdal (KİHEP: Women's Human Rights Organization), Eylem Çağdaş (Kadın Kapısı)
Moderator: Gülnur Elçik

The panel will focus on issues such as the methodology of fighting violence in a male dominated world. The history of solidarity established by women and homosexual groups will be presented. Also the panel aims to evaluate experiences gathered from the cases concerning violence against women. The discussion will conclude with the acounting of women's strugle for freedom and equality nowadays.

December 11th, Saturday, 7 p.m., Tütün Deposu

Discussion will be held in Turkish.

Forum theatre

Forum Theatre with Day Labourers

The participants of the forum theatre are women labourers who work at day cleaning jobs and are subjected to a lot of unfairness and abuse during their working hours. The forum theatre will be performed in cooperation with IMECE Women Solidarity Organization, and will turns into a spect-actor kind of performance. We are hoping that this performance will help those women to get the strength to deal with the oppression they face in real life and to develop various perspectives for solutions.

Organized and Directed by: Nihal Kuyumcu

Coordinator: Tijen Savaşkan

Participants: Gül Korkutan, Yıldız Ay and women from IMECE

December 11th, Saturday 2:30 p.m., Kumbaracı50

Discussion will be held in Turkish.

(With invitation only)