Khartoum Offside

Sudan, Norway, Denmark, France 2019, 75’, Color

Arabic with Turkish and English subtitles


Director: Marwa Zein

Cinematography: Marwa Zein

Editing: Mohammed Emad Rizq

Sound: Marcel Knuth, Sara Kaddouri Film

Producers: Marwa Zein, Henrik Underbjerg


A group of exceptional young ladies in Khartoum is determined to play football professionally. They are prepared to defy the ban imposed by Sudan’s Islamic Military government and they will not take no for an answer. Their battle to get officially recognized as Sudan’s National Woman’s team is fearless, courageous and often laughable. But their struggle is unwavering. Through the intimate portrait of these women over a number of years we follow their moments of hope and deception. Despite the National Football Federation getting FIFA funds earmarked for the women’s teams, this team continues to be marginalized. However, there is a new spark of hope when the elections within the federation could mean a real change of the entire system.

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