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7th festival dates 7 to 12 June 2014

The 7th edition of DOCUMENTARIST Istanbul Documentary Days will take place June 7-12, 2014.

Please follow the updates of the upcoming festival program at out blog, facebook page ve twitter account.


Alan Berliner retro in İstanbul Film Festival

One of the most significant documentary makers of our time, the complete works of Alan Berliner are being screened within the framework of the Istanbul Film Festival in collaboration with Documentarist. Alan Berliner had visited Istanbul as a guest director of Documentarist in June 2013, and had given a master class. However, because screening halls around Taksim were closed during the Gezi protests which erupted during his visit, the screenings of his films were cancelled. Therefore, Berliner’s films will reach film buffs in Turkey for the first time at the Istanbul Film Festival.

Berliner will take us on a guided tour through the sounds, images, themes, and storytelling strategies that have helped define his filmmaking career for more than three decades and why he’s devoted his life to exploring the personal, familial, and cultural dimensions of identity, memory, aging, love, family relationships, and the fragility of the human condition.


SaturDox celebrates its 5th anniversary

This year SaturDox Documentary Meetings celebrates its 5th anniversary! Starts on February 22nd, 2014, the full program of the screenings which take place at Tütün Deposu every other saturday is available here.


Turkish-Italian collaboration in documentary

As a first step of a long-term partnership between Festival dei Popoli (Italy) and Documentarist (Turkey), a selection of some new Turkish creative documentaries will be presented in Italy for the first time. During the 54th Festival dei Popoli in Florence the Italian and international audience will get the opportunity to know a slice of the contemporary documentary film production in Turkey and on Turkey.

With the support of Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days, Festival dei Popoli has programmed 4 films that describe the ongoing trasformation of a wonderful and complex Country, between West and East, between tradition and modernity: My Father, Revolution and Me by Ufuk Emiroğlu, Asé by Ercan Orhan, Ucube by Erol Mintaş-Taylan Mintaş and One Cup of Turkish Coffee by Nazlı Eda Noyan-Dağhan Celayir.

The Festival dei Popoli-Documentarist partnership, proposed in the frame of the project TANDEM–Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey–European Union, aims at establishing a cross-cultural collaboration and organisational management between Italy and Turkey. TANDEM is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).


Which Human Rights? Film Fest celebrates its 5th year

The Which Human Rights? Film Festival carried out by the DOCUMENTARIST team is ready to celebrate its 5th edition between 14-18 December 2013. Launched in 2009 on the occasion of the Human Rights Day, the festival has gained a great success during the last 4 years as the only human rights film festival in Istanbul. The festival program focuses on a certain theme every year and films dealing with human rights issues that have a rare chance to reach the audience are presented to the audience during the 5-day event.

In 2013 the main theme of the festival will be “resistance”. Apart from that, the rest of the program will include films related to several human rights issues from all around the world.
Roundtable discussions, exhibitions, question and answers following the films will accompany the screening program. All the festival activities and film screenings are free of charge.

The details about 2013 program will be online soon at: http://www.hihff.org/2013/eng


The festival is extended for 3 days

DOCUMENTARIST Istanbul Documentary Days has decided to extend its screenings until June 9th. The films that has been cancelled due to the extra-ordinary conditions, will be screened during the extra 3 days (7-8-9 June) in SALT Beyoğlu and Aynali Gecit A. The closing ceremony will take place on 9th in Taksim Gezi Parki. Your are all invited with your tear gaz maskes!

Download the extended (June 7-8-9) screening schedule [PDF]

Resistance related films that is added to the program:
Agadez: the Music and the Rebellion, USA, 2011, 75'
Children of the Revolution, Ireland-UK-Germany , 2010, 96’
The Children of the Riots, Greece-UK, 2011, 48'
Slingshot Hip Hop, Palestine-USA, 2008, 83’
Forbidde, Egypt, 2011, 67'

The screenings are going on, free of charge

Againts all the odds, the events and screenings of DOCUMENTARIST 2013 (except for Akbank Sanat) are going on as they are planned. Meanwhile, the festival has decided to make all sreenings public FREE OF CHARGE. As we says in our teaser: "Breath reality through documentary!"


Documentarist 2013 teaser - 3

DOCUMENTARIST 2013 teaser - 3 from gadjo on Vimeo.


Documentarist 2013 teaser - 2


DOCUMENTARIST 2013 teaser - 2 from gadjo on Vimeo.


Documentarist 2013 teaser - 1


Documentarist 2013 fragman


Documentarist 2013 poster - 1: Serra Yılmaz