2011 Program: Very soon!

The detailed program and schedule of DOCUMENTARIST 2011 is to be announced here on May 18th. The festival will be held between May 31st - June 5th, 2011 in these locations: Akbank Sanat, French Cultural Center, Pera Museum, Cezayir, Sismanoglio Megaro and IFEA.

Exciting agenda in 4th edition

Documentarist Blog is online now.

In the run up to the fourth DOCUMENTARIST İstanbul Documentary Days festival, cinema and documentary enthusiasts look to be in for a treat.
Beginning on May 31
and running until June 5, the festival will attract some of the biggest names in the documentary filmmaking world, hosting multi-award winning Czech documentary filmmaker Helena Trestikova as well as the pioneering İstanbul-born anthropologist and filmmaker Asen Balikci as guests of honor.
The 2011 festival venues will include the French Cultural Center and the Akbank Art Center on İstiklal Avenue and the Pera Museum. Taking Turkey’s documentary scene in new directions, this year’s festival will focus on documentaries from the Arab world, ethnographic and documentary cinema and films focusing on the post-Communist period. It will also feature a variety of innovative projects including the German “A Wall Is a Screen” project, where short films of various genres will be screened on bright walls in downtown areas.
Festival attendees will have the opportunity to hear the thoughts and experiences of guest of honor Trestikova, who is widely considered the greatest documentary filmmaker of this generation. The occasion will also mark the first time that Turkish documentary enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet Balikci, a longstanding innovator in the field of ethnographic film and former professor of anthropology at the University of Montréal.
This year Documentarist will also be hosting a significant training initiative, Discoveries 2011. Organized by the Balkan Documentary Center (BDC), the workshop is aimed at Balkan documentary projects. Participants in the workshop, which will start with a one-week session in Sofia, should be professional filmmakers who have mainly worked in their home countries before and are looking to move into the international documentary market.

(Quoted from: Today's Zaman)

BDC Discoveries 2011 participants are shortlisted!

This year DOCUMENTARIST will host a significant training initiative, the BDC Discoveries 2011. Organized by Balkan Documentary Center (BDC), the workshop is aimed at Balkan documentary projects with an international potential and a cross-media angle. Participants in the workshop should be professional filmmakers who have mainly worked in their home countries before and are looking to step on the international documentary market. The workshop in 2011 will start at the beginning of May with a one-week session in Sofia. In the middle of the period there will be an inspiration session focused on storytelling with 2 established experts invited at DOCUMENTARIST, who have been acquainted with the projects in advance. At the follow-up session in DokuFest, Prizren the Best BDC Discovery Award will be given to one of the projects.
Yasemin Birkehimoglu
and Melisa Uneri's project titled "Good Girls Don’t Kiss and Tell" (Yırtık) has been selected to the workshop from Turkey. Here are the full shortlist of the "discovered" projects:

* Andreea Valean, Tudor Giurgiu
, Romania / project: Ciorica
* Atanas Georgiev, Darko Popov, Macedonia / project: Wedding and Funeral Orchestra
* Ivan Mandic, Serbia / project: Against all Odds
* Danijel Damian Nenadic, Oliver Sertic, Croatia / project: Silent Flight
* Petya Novakova, Nina Pehlivanova, Bulgaria / project: The Square
* Sabrina Begovic, Nejra Hulusic, Bosnia&Herzegovina / project: Undercovered
* Yasemen Birhekimoglu, Melisa Üneri, Turkey / project: Good Girls Don’t Kiss and Tell

Congratulations to all the participants!
For follow-up details please visit BDC website.

4th edition: 31 May - 5 June 2011

The upcoming edition of DOCUMENTARIST is going to be held between 31 May - 5 June 2011. DOCUMENTARIST doesn’t have an official submission procedure or any deadline. The program mainly consists of films participating on invitation basis. However, we are very interested in hearing about the latest films and you are welcome to send us a DVD screener of your work.


'Which Human Rights?' wrapped up

The 2nd edition of Which Human Rights? organized by DOCUMENTARIST was succesfully held between December 8th-11th, 2010. The main theme of the program was “violence against women”.

Over 20 films has been presented, including multi-awarded documentaries such as an outstanding film on Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmanese female freedom fighter; the story of exiled Uyghur leader Rabiya Kadeer; the account of the the tragic death of Rachel Corrie, an American activist who was crashed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Palestine; a brand new short documentaryt on Pinar Selek, a feminist and peace activist who has been labeled as a “bomber” for 11 years confronting the demand of life sentence, and yet another Turkish premiere of the highly aclaimed Swedish film, “Blood Calls You” regarding the domestic violence that the director herself was subjected to. Along with film screenings, the program has included many side events such as a panel session, a theatre forum and speeches.

Please check the Galery for stills from the events.

And the winners are...

The newly established DOCUMENTARIST NEW TALENT AWARD went to "LEYLA AND MECNUN ABROAD" (Leyla ve Mecnun Gurbette) by Zeynep Özkaya.

The jury consisted Onno Kervers, Yeşim Ustaoğlu, Diana Deleanu, Tülin Özen and Uğur Kutay has decided to give a SPECIAL MENTION to "NASTY AGE" (Kahpe Devran) by Cahit Çeçen.

125 films from 35 countries!


DOCUMENTARIST raises the standards! More than 120 films from 35 countries are ready to meet the audience. Some of the most sensational documentaries from all around the world are visiting Istanbul. Read more

Please check the Program section for the screening schedule.

Download the posters: 1, 2, 3.

Note: All the films that are not in English have English subtitles.